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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Does Lightning Make My Grass Greener?

Today's thunderstorm reminded us of a question that more than a couple customers have asked.  Does lightning during a rainstorm help make my grass greener. 

A quick search on Google finds the answer.  The general consensus is no, it does not.

Lightning does help produce a form of nitrogen that is useful for growing plants. What happens is that lightning causes oxygen and nitrogen to combine and form nitrogen oxide, a key ingredient in many fertilizers. However, it doesn't produce enough to make a difference. Any nitrogen oxide formed would be blown thousands of kilometers away, and would take days to actually wash down to the ground. Whatever help the nitrogen oxides is, happens much farther away, and after a storm. If your grass is greener after a thunderstorm, we're told it may be due to the extra rain and quick return of sunshine.

While there are many variations of this answer, one thing is consistent.  Nitrogen does make your lawn greener and nitrogen is one of the key ingredients in fertilizers.  So instead of trying to harness lightning this spring, just let us put a fertilizer application on your lawn.  It is easier, quicker and much safer. 


  1. You are full of it. I've seen it with my own eyes too many times! We had a storm last night, my grass is greener this morning, without a doubt! Why do you think so many people inquire about it?!

  2. the atmosphere is 75% nitrogen N2, but requires tremendous energy to break it into usable form, or "fix" it. Lightening most definately provides this, combining the N with Oxygen which then combines with rain and falls to the ground. So, a lightning rain-storm definately can and does add usable nitrogen to plants, including grass.